Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guat Cupping, new roast better taste!

So I was compelled to awake from my slumber this morning to re do my roast profile on our Guatemala. I booted on up the sample roaster, and about 30 mins later I was cupping said Guat. Here are some pics of a very simple/informal cupping on an early Sunday morning.

I like the new roast for this, it is much cleaner and sweeter than the previous. In my opinion the previous Guat was a bit too light (it was almost our lightest roast!), so now its a tad bit darker. The result is a nuttier cup, but still it has plenty of fruit hints and a chocolate aftertaste.

Once I finalize the new roast, the Guat will be on sale with any order of a pound or more.

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