Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh how I long for a good cup of coffee...

Days like today always remind me of how fortunate I am to drink quality, tasty coffee on a regular basis. As usual, the weekend was not kind on my sleep schedule, so it was a rough Monday morning. Well, I left the house without coffee, and just couldn't make it through the day without the caffeine. So I went to the lunch room and grabbed a cup of their coffee...

.... 3 creamers and 2 sugars later and I barely managed to gulp it down. There's still a bit left in the cup. I think I'll be pulling some espresso when I get home tonight. Not just for the caffeine kick, but I need to refresh the delicious taste of coffee and get rid of this nasty one.

Anyone else have a coffee experience that reminded them of why they drink the good stuff?

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  1. Here is my similar experience. Not a good nights sleep, running late, no time to brew anything. Get to work and they have fired up the large office coffee maker. It doesn't particularly smell great, but its coffee and it is my other favorite word as well.....FREE. Creamer, sugar, etc because I know I'm not in for my normal experience. With my first and only sip I was nearly sick. The contrast between the store bought nastiness and The Old World Cafe's coffee is so strong, I now bring my own beans, grind them in my office and now everyone wonders why the coffee smells so great when I make it.