Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's that? Tea!

Well, we're always talking all about coffee, but what about tea? It is the most popular beverage of the world next to water and a big competitor of coffee. Though I personally love our coffee, there's nothing quite like a great cup of tea.

So, we set out to explore our tea options. We've received samples from black to rooibos. We have flavors and blends as well as just straight natural teas. Being the tea drinker of the bunch, I have set-up a method to fairly test each tea and rate it. Basically, I reach into the sample package we received and blindly choose a small package. I then boil water and brew 2 tsp of tea leaves with 10 oz of water (making sure the temperature and the brew time is appropriate for the tea type). While the tea is steeping, I check out the leaves and the aroma of the tea. As the tea finishes, I give it a sniff and then taste it. I always take several drinks before making any judgments. I then list the flavors I draw from the cup and rate the tea, including the ability to take flavoring and cream.

This may be a lot of information, but this is the set-up to give you an idea of what's going on. So each week I'll be blogging about the teas I've tried and my thoughts. So keep checking in to see the results.

<3 Ashley

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