Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tea Time!

Well, it's been a while now since I mentioned our tea sampling. Though I have kept up with sampling and rating the teas, I have not kept up with the blogging. Hopefully those of you interested will not be too upset and can enjoy this blog with all the teas I've had so far.

Since the beginning of this year, I have sampled 11 of our new teas. With the luck of the draw, I have managed to brew all types of tea except for white. So far I have enjoyed them very much and look forward to trying more =). To keep from overloading you all on this first blog of teas and tastes, I am going to cover the first 5 I sampled. Then I will cover 5 more in the upcoming weeks until I am caught up.

#1 Earl Gray - well this is quite a known tea and as many of you know it is a strong, smooth, slightly sweet cup. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

#2 Flavored Black Tea: Blueberry - this was actually one of my least favorites. Though I am a huge fan of blueberries, this cup fell short. It had very little sweetness and was light bodied. It left me wanting more flavor and I ended up sweetening it. Even then it was only an OK cup.

#3 Flavored Rooibos: Bourbon St. Vanilla - this was a tasty cup filled with tones of vanilla and caramel. It held up well on its own and could also take flavors if desired. I am a big rooibus fan in general, so I enjoyed this, but I felt I have had better rooibos teas in the past.

#4 Estate Tea: Darjeeling India - this was an amazing cup of tea. Both refreshing and reinvigorating, I fell it love. It's smooth, a little earthy, and has an ever so slight sweetness to it. It also had a lingering after taste that was wonderful. I very much enjoyed this cup.

#5 Cochin Masala Chai - this was a good cup, but nothing special. I love chai tea and though this was sweet and spicy, it was missing much of its spice. Good but not great.

So, these are the first 5 teas I've had the pleasure of sampling. If any of you have had these teas before whether in a local shop or at your home, please leave your comments and thoughts from your experiences.

<3 Ashley

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