Monday, April 5, 2010

Quest for the best espresso Pt. 3

With the parts on hand that I needed to create the first phase of the espresso machine, I started assembly. This started with an overhaul by removing the old replaceable parts on the boiler such as the boiler gasket and the head groups shower screen assembly. This allowed me to clean all old oils and mineral buildup from the the previous owner, and also was necessary to when dismantling the boiler from the group head.

So with the boiler apart I started to mount the RTD by drilling, yes drilling, into the side of the boiler. This was the best way to have an accurate reading of the internal water temperature. This was followed by threading the driller hole for a pressure threaded screw. I prepped the screw I was using by drilling a 1/16 in hole down the center of the screw and inserting the RTD through the hole along with a high temperature and pressure rated epoxy. The bottom of the screw was filled in with a high temperature food grade silicone to keep the water from contacting the epoxy.

Once the epoxy was set and the "RTD Screw" was mounted and the boiler was cleaned it was ready to be assembled again. This was when the real fun of the project began. One phrase: The wiring. The wiring scheme seemed easy enough but it was where the trouble of getting this unit back into operation began. Next weeks blog will be on the difficulties of wiring the up the basic function of the Silvia espresso machine.

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