Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Coffee Tidbits!

New Tuesday segment from Luke starts today, Coffee Tidbits and Tips! Each week I will be bringing you some coffee knowledge, or tips about coffee.

We will start this very, very basic! Most people are unaware that coffee is actually from a plant, and that the seeds from this plant's fruit are then processed into green beans.

Now coffee can be processed different ways, but we won't get into that here today. Afterward, you are left looking at this.

We then take these green beans, and roast them, since we are a micro roastery we use a 6lb roaster, but you can roast on a variety of equipment(see Sweet Maria's for home roasting).

Now, without getting into too much detail, coffee's flavor is affected by how long and how hot it is roasted. The result of those green beans pictured above being roasted for about 14 minutes to 414 degrees leaves you with this:

Seem like a bit of a crash course? Probably, but even this little bit of knowledge helps when making your own coffee, or enjoying another persons cup. You may ask how this information could help that, so look at it this way. Coffee is very much like other spices (think nutmeg or anise) and to an extent shares the same properties as them. That is to say, that just like other spices can go bad over time, and are best when fresh ground, coffee is the same way!

Stay tuned for next week when we explore brewing drip coffee!


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