Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Post blending (and blend your own number 2?)

Having issues setting up a new part of the site where we offer our current roasted selection as a post blended blend....if that did not make sense let me try again. Lets say you order a 1/4 lb of panama, and I have to run a batch meaning I now have 2 and 3/4 lbs of panama unsold. This coffee is held here for a very short time or blended into a blend that calls for it. Other coffees do not currently have blends to go in afterward and end up as mystery blend if I feel they are past their bear in mind for me past their prime is 16 days and coffee you get at the store has probably been roasted months ago (always look for a roasted on date!)

At any rate, I am trying to set it up so our site can offer blend made with the freshest coffee on hand while its available and taken down when its not, encouraging you all to go their more often and for us to offer some crazy blends. This week I had Guat. mixed with Dom. R. post blended and it was a gorgeous cup, but unless you bought both you would not get to experience it. Now if I offered this as a post blend always I would wind up with a 1/4 lb of it ordered and a bunch of leftover (Dom. R, actually moves fast but for the sake of argument lets say it was unpopular.). If I can figure out a fancy way of coding I will keep everyone informed and show off some really unique coffee blends for you all to enjoy!

Oh and as a note, the current blends on the site are either preblended or are blend of coffees that move very quickly.

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  1. Unless i hear otherwise im claiming founders rights to the Guat / Dom blend. You should feature this blend it is amazing. Hopefully you haven't used it all up because I've ordered some myself. I like the idea of a place on the site for the blends.

    *boiling springs

  2. just sent out your order of guat today, and I will tell you what, it was dan who had emailed me asking me to try it out so I cannot take credit for this one!

    Now the costa guat dr is another story....