Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the season to be busy (and cold!)

This past week has been crazy! Keeping up with our demand this week has been very interesting. I think coffee is the emergency gift for people everywhere! As always I like to give you guys a bit of a behind the scenes of what goes on here, so here it goes.

We got swamped with orders this week, and at the same time we had to refill our propane tank. This sounds simple right, after all we have done this in times past and have a backup tank for when our large tank is being refilled just in case we need to fill out orders.

So while we await our large tanks arrival we have a wholesale order to fill along with some smaller local orders, pretty standard stuff. However, the building we roast out of is not heated at the moment, and this is where things get interesting. We all go out to hook up our backup tank when it is 23 degrees outside, and the tank itself is so cold it cannot put enough pressure through the line to start the roaster...

So the next morning our big tank arrives, full, heavy and awaiting me to move it about 100 yards down a slight hill. One almost repulled hernia later we are up and running and the orders go out on time. Not the worst thing we have endured, but I could not believe that even our large tank struggled to put out pressure once it hit 1/4 tank. Apparently it will need jacketed...

Oh and what temp was it when I did roast you may wonder? Twenty six degrees F. I had 5 layers on so as to stay warm. Thankfully the roaster adds a little bit of heat to the area surrounding it!

BTW I thought the worst roasting I have had to endure thus far was the 125+ degree heat we had this summer because I am to cheap to buy an AC unit for us.....and I had to have a towel around parts of me so I did not drip sweat into the cooling tray! Now I am not sure...


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