Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Baking Continues

After working our way through the introduction of On Baking, which includes the items in last times post (ricotta cheese, simple syrup, and whipped egg whites) and creme fraiche, we tried our hand at biscuits and cookies.

The creme fraiche was pretty simple to make. Now, I'm not a fan of sour cream, but Luke is and he said it was delicious. Not the same as sour cream, but similar and better. So, I'd say it turned out well.

The next week of baking we veered off our comfort path and made country biscuits.
We haven't made biscuits in the past, so this was all new. So after some extensive reading, we gave it a try. Boy o boy did they turn out well. They were solid biscuits, yet light and flaky. To put it simply, they were delicious. The only complaint I could possibly have is that we made them a little small, so they we're the best for making breakfast sandwiches. But we can always make them again and increase the size :).

Our last venture was chocolate chip cookies. Now, we've made these several dozen times in the past, so this was really more of a treat than anything else. However, we still read all On Baking had to say on making the perfect cookie and followed the instructions.

Low a behold, we had amazing chocolate chip cookies, probably the best we had ever made. They we soft yet crisp and extra chocolaty. They made the perfect treat to enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee.

Mmm, well now I am craving some chocolate chip cookies and they're all gone :(. Oh well, I guess I'll just need start the next tasty recipe in On Baking, so I can enjoy it.

<3 Ashley

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