Friday, March 5, 2010

Braving the smoke for another night.

There is a saying that Sweet Maria's uses, brave the smoke. For those unfamiliar with coffee roasting, it produces a considerable amount of smoke, so much so that a vent is needed. In the cold of winter while roasting out of a modified garage, you get a feel for why this phrase was coined. I am just now shutting down the equipment for the night, after a long evening (preceded by a long day)of roasting and blending and tasting. One would think this is not that big of a deal, after all its our job, and to an extent its not. The issue is our downtime and production capability at the moment. Producing 1/2 lb an hour is not sufficient for our current demand, but that all changes this Tuesday!

So with that short little rant, I get to brave the smoke (and the weather) for a few more late nights. It is all worth it for the end result, and I hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our labor on Sunday!

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