Monday, March 8, 2010

Our First Event

Yesterday we partook in our first event as Old Wwworld Cafe roastery, and it was amazing!

We were putting in 14 hours days the whole week

leading up to the event to be sure we had more than enough coffee to supply. After a late night Saturday finishing all the last details, we still were full of energy and ready to go on Sunday morning.

We hit a few rough patches in the morning which made me worrisome about how the day would go, but things started to turn up shortly after setting up. From 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm our booth was never quiet. We had a line forming before we even had coffee brewed. Once it was all ready, we could barely keep our pots filled.

Luke took on our organization, advertising, and making our whipped cream. Dan was our brewer. Due to earlier complication (another vendor may have blown our fuse....), he was running between two stations to get our coffee ground and actually brew it.

Then my role was barista/greeter and I didn't stop serving the whole day.

To our surprise, our Irish coffee was our big seller of the day (thank you Sweetbird!). Since we couldn't serve a true Irish coffee with whiskey, we figured we it wouldn't sell as well, but we couldn't have been happier that it was selling and more importantly that people were loving it. It felt great to be serving our product that we had put our heart and soul into and to see peoples' reactions. Actually getting to watch people drink our coffee and hear their feedback is rewarding more than words can describe.

We each had our own highlights of the day whether it was just the experience in general, serving the perfect cup to someone and having them come back to take our whole beans home with them, or getting to talk to people about the process coffee goes through. Overall, the festival was a success for so many reasons. This was definitely an experience none of us will forget, and we appreciate everyone's support.

Well, tomorrow is another big day with us. You'll be hearing from us soon! Be sure to stop by and check us out at

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