Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday Everyone!

It is a new week, and much work needs done! This week you should expect to see the start of a series of videos on espresso, as per request of several of our customers. Since so many videos exist on the net of people pulling shots, we did not want to do a video in that manner. Instead, we are doing a miniseries on espresso where we briefly discuss the beans and machines separately. We will also go over some tech details in the series and even pull some shots with coffees that are not our own (I will warn you, its cheap coffee and it tasted awful but it will prove a point!).

On top of that, our new coffee lot arrives this week from the Dominican Republic! I highly encourage EVERYONE to try out this coffee.

Our new bags are due in today as well, I posted up a sample pic on the Facebook Page of them.

In other silly, fun news, if you google us we are now in the top 6 search results! In closing, I will leave you with a shot of our new espresso machine up and running when we did tests on it.

Take care everyone!

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