Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today marks the first of our Drink building exercises. We are taking the time to build and test new and existing drinks from scratch in an effort to understand what makes the difference between a good drink and a totally amazing drink!

Let the experimentation begin! Using standard our espresso blend, various syrups by Sweetbird, sauces, and other garnishes we set to work making drinks from ideas that we all came up with during the past week or so.

As we ground and tamped, pulled and repulled, syruped, sprinkled, drizzled and frothed, many drinks were born and consumed with eagerness to find perfection. Although all of them were delicious (i mean how could they not be with all that amazing espresso), there were some that were so perfect that it made your head spin and tongue tingle with delight leaving you wanting more. Hints of peaches, raspberries, chocolate, amaretto, caramel, and hazelnut pulled through to make some of the best drinks that I have ever tasted.

Here are some of our personal favorites!

Mint Chocolate Mocha

Hazelnut Mocha (Dan attempted latte art, first tries could be worse!)

Peach Cobbler

Caramel Soda Americano (yes you read that correctly)

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