Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Coffee in, Dominican Gold!

I am very, very excited about the new coffee we have just received here today, and for many reasons. First off it marks the first time we have traded directly with a farm, second off it is our first "island coffee", and third off IT IS OUTSTANDING!

For those of you who LOVE Jamaican or Hawaiian coffees, this is a must try as it is in the same category. I cannot rave about it enough, so go get some already!

I will leave you today with a few parting images (the videos I took are a tad dark until I edit them) with our monthly sample roasting. Each month we all pitch blend ideas or rework an old coffee and take it for a spin on the sample roaster. Our sample roaster needs some work done to it though, but we have plans for that so we wont have to turn it by hand for much longer!

Oh and to the fine people at Dominican Gold, your espresso makers will be in route here in the next 2 weeks along with some lovely syrups, I cannot wait to here about you pulling shots on them and making drinks!

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